Posted by: fortishospitals | July 11, 2011

Healthy Cancer Remedies That Are Right In Your Home

Although there is no cure for cancer, use the below to both fight and prevent it without ever leaving your home.

1. Legumes : Use this hearty vegetable as a meat substance to get the protein benefits without the price. You can also use beans, lentils, and the like as well.

2. Soy : This substitute also has the same benefits as the above. Varieties such as tofu and miso also contain cancer combating nutrients called phytochemicals.

3. Tomatoes : Because they contain high levels of lycopene, they can reduce risk of cancer. Try a tomato paste or sauce to get the most amounts.

4. Fish : Healthy varieties such as wild salmon, tuna, and halibut contain many cancer fighting substances such as oil. They also contain cancer fighting selenium that can be dangerous as a supplement but useful in fish.

5. Orange Juice : Containing high levels of folate and Vitamin C, it can help combat cancer. Be sure and get a healthy variety that isn’t overloaded with sugar.

6. Curcumin : This spice is also part of the turmeric family. Sprinkle a little into your next dish to enjoy it’s cancer fighting and anti inflammatory aspects.

7. Walnuts : The antioxidants and oils in these nuts can help prevent or stave off cancer. You can also substitute pistachio, pecan, and other nuts for similar benefits.

8. Cauliflower : Along with broccoli, this vegetable helps create sulforaphane in the body to protect healthy cells from cancerous ones. It is also recommended to grow it in your own home.

9. Sunshine : Get your dose of Vitamin D right from your home with this simple remedy. Simply expose at least 40% of your body to ten minutes of natural sunlight to get it.

10. Tea : Containing nutrients called kaempferol, a cup or four of tea a day can help combat cancer. To find out which kind are the best, see the below.


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